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I’ve been blessed to have Marie as my insurance agent for the past four years. She is extremely knowledgeable in her profession, and truly does work to find the best priced and coverage insurance that you’re looking for. She is extremely responsive, easy to communicate with, and goes above and beyond. I would recommend her to anyone! In fact, we have been so happy with her, that, even after moving out of state, we continue to use her. I don’t want to give her up!



Marie Gonzales is the absolute best Insurance Agent I have ever had! She has taken all of my policies now and I couldn’t feel more secure. Not to mention at a much better price and coverage.

Over the past year she has reviewed my Auto, Home, Commercial Building and Off Road Vehicle policies. Every single policy was found to be lacking essential coverage and I didn’t even know. Now I have better policies and cheaper premiums.  


Marie is also always available and ready to assist or answer questions.  Now I feel like I have an agent working for me year round, not just at renewal time.  I refer everyone I know to her because she is truly an extraordinary Insurance Expert!


Marie is the best kind of insurance person—the kind who means it when she says, “I’ll analyze your insurance and if I can’t give you a better deal, I’ll tell you that.” But for us, she saved $200 on our bundled car and home insurance and got us better coverage in the bargain. Marie is very smart about all kinds of insurance, especially business insurance. If you have any questions about insurance, call Marie. Now.


I have known Marie Gonzales for awhile now and I find her to be a refreshingly honest person. Her honesty and integrity is not something that I often find when dealing with insurance agents.


She offered to review our insurance policy to make sure we were covered appropriately. She not only saved us money, but she was able to improve our coverage.


I highly recommend Marie and suggest that you take advantage of her offer to assess your current insurance coverage.


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